Jessica Bell is a biracial contemporary sculptor based in Dallas Texas. Her work focuses on identity, race, and the paradoxes of adulthood from an intersectional lens. Growing up as a biracial child with white parents in a small rural town in upstate New York, Bell navigates multiple spaces and identities throughout her work.


Using coded visual language, her objects are rarely what they seem - often containing surprising subtexts and histories that reflect her own journey towards reconciling her multiple identities. Bell’s work is visually arresting, playful, and sumptuous in its use of materiality. Bell seeks to subvert and comment upon the expectations of black female art in America.

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Artist Jessica L. Bell

Porch Monkeys

Porch Monkeys Set of 7 Mixed Media 2018-2020 Porch Monkeys is a documentation of racial hate that happens around the world. Each banana is named after a professional athlete who has had a banana thrown at them during a professional sporting event or had monkey chants made at them. “[T]he blatantly racist act — synonymous with treating players as apes or monkeys”, states Richard Evans, The Advertiser. Each banana is uniquely different and has the name of a soccer player along with the year the b