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Jessica Bell is a contemporary sculptor and community artist whose work merges traditional techniques with modern designs. With a focus on themes of race, identity, and societal concerns, her creations resonate deeply. Bell employs an innovative approach, assembling smaller elements to construct expansive installations that convey her messages powerfully.

In her current artistic phase, Bell is passionate about public art that mirrors her personal voyage into motherhood. Her works are not merely visual; they are narratives that engage viewers on multiple levels, encouraging them to delve deeper into the underlying meanings. Employing playful iconography and everyday objects, often overlooked, Bell skillfully entices observers to examine her art more closely, unveiling intricate layers of significance.

Bell's artistic expression is arresting, playful, and luxuriant in its use of materials. Her creative prowess has been recognized with accolades including the Red Bull Artist Grant, the Priscilla Art Award, and the Juanita Craft Artist Residency. Over the span of her career, she has been the beneficiary of numerous artist grants to support her community engagement, attesting to the impact of her contributions to the artistic landscape.

Her artistic influence extends to both public and private spheres, as her pieces grace private collections, including those at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Amli Fountain Place Dallas, Eastern New Mexico University, and Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Educationally accomplished, Bell holds a Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Ceramics and Curriculum Writing. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Art Education and Fine Arts and has certifications in Graphic Design and Welding. Her dedication to nurturing artistic talent is further reflected in her role as a sculptor professor at the Booker T. Washington School of the Performing and Visual Arts.

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