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2021 artist-led programs initiative

2021 artist-led programs initiative

we are proud to announce the creatives selected for dc’s 2021 artist-led programs initiative:

jessica bell: Past and Present; Contemporary Weavings

lisa huffaker: TAKE THIS BOOK AND WRECK IT: Book Demolition, from Erasure to Contraband

becky wilkes: Ditched - The Movement of Trash in Our Waterways

Proposals for the 2021 artist-led programs initiative were open to dallas-based creatives with an interest in presenting educational programs in a museum setting.

Registration and more information about the selected programs will be available later this month.

thank you to all who submitted a program proposal! dc will reopen for new program proposals 3 january - 13 february 2022. selected programs will then be hosted during the summer of 2022.


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