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Product test. - Plasti dip

So today I tried plasti Dip. It was not very successful but I have not given up on the product yet. I didn't follow the directions so it turned into a huge mess. 

1. Work in a well ventilated room. This stuff has a strong odor. 

2. Wear gloves. I couldn't get this stuff off of my hands for hours. The picture shows them after tons of scrubbing. Small on the back it reads avoid all contact. So next attempt I will wear gloves the entire time. 

3. I also didn't make sure my art I wanted to dip was clean ( missed that direction) so second batch shouldn't have the messy look where the plasti dip didn't want to stick to the art 

4. I didn't let the ft sit long enough before it's second dip. So that's probably why it looks like pooh. 

I ordered different colors and do have a vision on how I would like to incorporate it into my art. So after this failed attempt I do plan on trying this again. 

Since my art is large, maybe a larger container of plasti dip would have worked better.  No thumbs up or down yet until I try again. 

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